Monday, October 2, 2023


 Well I can honestly say I do not know where this year has gone! that's a sign of old age isn't it?

Football season has finished, nothing on tv now so maybe more sewing will get done. I have joined @devotedquilter for her WIPS-B-GONE challenge I have a list of WiPS to get done

1- Quiet Play mini - September

2- Soulshine & Daydreams quilt for Celeste

3 - Clamshell Cushion

4- Assemble Rosie's Star quilt top

5- QAYG Christmas Row Quilt

6- Bind 100 days quilt

7- QAYG Green charity quilts

8- Bind Shane's quilt

9- Scrap challenge teal and aqua blocks

10- Assemble Leilanis soulshine & daydremaas quilt

11- Bowl Cosies for Grant and Sarah

12- Bind Mirage quilt

That will keep me busy for a while

This is not the finished order for my Christmas row quilt I have to put the tree row in too.

The garden has gone nuts flowers everywhere 

We have run out of pickles and pickled cucumbers so we only have sauces to sell at the local pub, we have a mile of Jam but the local CWA ladies sell their jams there so we don't.
I haven't been reading I don't know why I just haven't. I have been using my Accuquilt to cut 2.5" squares and also some triangles and have got them in seperate containers for whenever.
I had a scare with my eye, nothing wrong I just have an overactive imagination, I dreamt I went blind and had to get rid of all my fabric, so I am trying hard to use what I have. I have 3 large quilts to bind and another at the quilter to be picked up soon so that will keep me busy.
I cooked a mandarin cake and caramel slice this morning a friend was coming over for morning tea, well the cake stuck in the mould and crumbled and the chocolate didn't melt and spread over the caramel so looks like Dave and I will just have to eat them.

Wednesday, July 5, 2023


 Well now where did June go? It disappeared in a wave of work, a trip to Armidale, a couple of trips to Coolah and the best part a trip to Sydney.

Work- still there, it has slowed a bit for me as there is a new girl working in Gunnedah, it was just me for a while.

Armidale - I took 3 quilts to Jackson to quilt, they are done and should be home soon.

Coolah- there was the normal Monday and then a workshop making a cute spotted duffle bag. Catherine quilted the fabric before the workshop and because the dots on the fabric weren't straight she quilted circles, I love it there were a few swear words when we were sewing the bag ends on and the inner seam binding but it's done and has been used it's amazing how much it holds.

Sydney- I went for the Sydney craft show, this wasn't the one where Quilt NSW has their big show but it was great, not a lot of workshops but hey it was a weekend away and looking at all the pretty stuff. I stayed at Brad and Sophie's place at Campsie, a very nice unit with the deepest bathtub I have seen in a long time, you had to climb in for a shower, it has a half shower screen so it could get a bit dodgy getting out. I was driving to Homebush on Friday morning peak hour traffic and I was sandwiched in between 3 black police landcruisers and 3 unmarked cars so something was going down, I resisted the urge to follow them. The show organised a little train to take you from the car park, it finished at 4 and I walked out with a 16 kilo box at 4.05, luckily the man that sold me the Accuquilt walked out a few minutes later as I was walking across the park and carried my Accuquilt to my car.
I did 3 workshops at the show and I bought an Accuquilt, the first workshop was with Janome and we used a monster of an embroidery sewing machine, I think you would need a degree to use this machine to it's full potential, we made a notebook cover with free motion embroidery and a programmed design as well.

I also did a Sashiko workshop and a quick one on the Brother Scan n Cut. 
We went to Sweet Belem cakes on Saturday oh my they are beautiful, then off to the Bonsai shop KMart Miranda and Sushi Train Cronulla for dinner and then a game of pool and a couple of beers at Kingsgrove Park Hotel. I had a great time away and I came back refreshed a bit stiff after driving for 5 1/2 hours but what the hey.
Will I do it all again in September for the Rosehill show? I'm not sure, we'll see.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023



 Yes it's May and the middle of the month. My wifi has been down so my
 computer has had no internet, the printer wouldn't work and I had to bite the
 bullet and call the tech guy in Wollongong, who is a bit arrogant which is why
 I put it off for so long, anywho after him fiddling with the system we're back!

A lot has happened since the last blog post, I went to Scrub Stitching, that
 was a great weekend and I met so many lovely people and got so much 
sewing and quilting done. The Magpie bag was my gift in the make it, bake it,
 fake it draw. Then the printed bag with all our names on it. Oh and the goody
 bag! I made a project bag from a Kmart tea towel with koalas on it, I was 
finishing it the day before leaving home and I realised I had the koalas upside
 down so I ripped off the binding and re did it, I was hoping that one of the 
overseas visitors would get it and Deana did, so I was happy.

Above is the group photo and also the chookshed stitchers. I got the quilting 
finished on Grant's quilt, it just needs the sashing and binding done. I 
assembled my Moda Love quilt as well.

Then a few days after I got back we got a kitten! this is Livvy, Dave didn't 
want a cat but he has taken responsibility for feeding her, hence the lamb
 shank in her bowl.

Then I put two quilts in the Gunnedah Show and got Firsts for both I was
 pleased and surprised. I got my Churn Dash quilt quilted by Jackson of House
 of Jackson, Chooky picked it up and dropped it off for me I just need to bind
 it. I had better get off to work so I can pay for more quilting.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

It's been busy here

 Howdy, It's been a while, in my defense it's been busy here and there's been a few minor traumas. 

I had a tooth pulled, face flared up and was very swollen after 35 minutes of the dentist trying to find the broken root, then an infection so not much fun. 

We went to the Dip and got our wood hopefully we have enough for winter.

Kate and I went to Dubbo for Craftalive it was a great day.

I have read a few good books as well.

I got a puncture on my way to Coolah sewing group, a very nice man stopped and helped, inmy defense I could have changed the tyre myself but he noticed I was wearing white and thought I wouldn't want to lie down in the red dirt. subsequently my car ended up with a wrecked shock absorber cover so I was off the road a bit.

Then we went to Wollongong for a friends memorial service, it was sad but nice to catch up with people that we haven't seen for years.

The local football club had a fun day with pig races as a fundraiser, it was a great day.

Recently I had a bit of an accident/incident where a 30 kilo aluminium plant stand was pushed into my foot and it popped my big toe nail off so I was out of action for a week until I could put a shoe on.

Friends stayed and painted our garage ans the eaves around the house.

The garden is going great the little flower bed at the back door has Marigolds popping up everywhere.

Brad and Sophie came up for the Easter weekend. 

It has been a bit hectic.

I have been doing a bit of sewing as well but that can wait for another post after Scrub Stitchin....

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Sew it Show it- Shades of Blue


The Challenge: This one is Shades of Blue. Easy, peasy.  Add shades of blue to your project. Show us your winter blues. It can be any stitched project, just make sure there is a shade of blue somewhere.

I love blue, so I decided to join Carla from Creatin' in the Sticks even though it is mid summer here so no winter blues. 
I made this quilt as a donation quilt for a woman here in town whose daughter suicided a few years ago, I don't know the woman but she works at the local Woolworths supermarket and she is always pleasant and friendly. She runs a raffle every year for Beyond Blue which is a suicide prevention organisation , so I asked her if she would like a quilt for her raffle, she said yes so this is it. 
The quilt is called Warm Hugs and is a Meadow Mist Design quilt pattern by Cheryl Brickey. I am quiltinig on my domestic machine a very simple straight line design.

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  Well I can honestly say I do not know where this year has gone! that's a sign of old age isn't it? Football season has finished, n...