Saturday, July 2, 2022

Friday Night with Friends -July

 I never remember this but Anorina from sameliasmum blog reminded me and i had been sewing before the football so I took some pics to share.

I added a couple more rows to my Mirage Quilt, and I have been sewing these pink or red half square triangles as a leader ender thing for months now with no idea what it was to become and I had 12 in this floral so it will become a cushion to go to Lismore.
It is a miserable damp day here so I am going to make a loaf of bread and then sew- fingers crossed 

Thursday, June 30, 2022

June is done and dusted

 I know I'm getting old but where did June go?

What have I been doing? well I have read a few books.

These two were great, The Mother is an Australian author. I also read The Weekend by Charlotte Wood, I wasn't impressed by it I finished it but only so I could find out what happened. I thought it was typical of how friends and mainly women can turn on each other.

I have quit my job I wasn't happy there from the start I will hopefully be starting a new job soon, so I have been doing some baking. I have made Pizza scrolls and English Muffins, the fire is great for proving dough. I also made some Chicken and Leek pies.

We have sold out of our tomato sauces and almost ran out of the Pickled Cucumbers I didn't think that could happen we had so many.

Last weekend I was at Coolah for the Mirage Quilt workshop, it was a two day workshop, the first day was just cutting! I stayed at a friends place overnight and had a great time, the Coolah girls run great workshops, the lunches and morning teas are awesome. Think pumpkin soup with garlic bread and chocolate chip bread and butter pudding for dessert, yumm.

The sheep were moving around in the paddock next door and gave us funny looks when we baahed at them. Kate has some beautiful roses in her garden and these hanging pots were gorgeous in full flower.

The pattern for the Mirage quilt was a bit daunting at first but once we got started with the cutting and labelling pieces it got easier. I can't wait to finish it and I plan to do another in greys.
I've also been doing my Churn Dash blocks for Chooky blues SAL. I am so devo that I am missing the Sydney Craft Show but I will plan ahead for next year.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my rambling

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Winter Is Here

 Oh my it's cold, I think it's going to rain and the temperature has dropped. We pruned most of the roses in the back yard on the weekend they look a little bare.

Chooky Blue is hosting a Churn Dash SAL, when I met up with her in Coonabarabran I bought the fabric for my quilt and started to cut it yesterday using my new Stripolody ruler it made it a lot quicker thatn just using a normal ruler.

This mass of half square triangles are a leader and ender pile I don't know where it's going next but I still have a lot of red and white squares.

These three tops were made with the deceased estate stash from Coolah Country Patchwork, they have been handed in to get quilted, I have never had a top quilted by someone else, then it will go to the flood victims in Lismore. 

I'm not sure what I'm doing wether I am going to remain working in a job that I'm not liking, I haven't liked it since I started here, it's not the same as the nursing home in Wollongong, the majority of the staff are unfriendly and unpleasant, it's a shame that I need money for sewing supplies.

I'm about to do a pork roast in the airfryer for dinner.

Thursday, June 2, 2022

That Was May

So today is the last day of May and as everyone will say the year is flying by. Ive gotten over Covid only to get the flu, We've been to Wollongong to see family and friends and had my delayed 60th birthday party. We have sold a lot of pickles and sauces. I have done a lot of sewing, well for me anyway. I met up with the famous blogger "ChookyBlue"! through her I found a lovely new quilt shop one hour away. 

The garden is going great lots of snow peas coming ready to be frozen for the year, the roses are starting to get new growth on them so it's almost time to prune them.

Some photos from my party, it was a great night a lot of dancing and singing. The dress code for the ladies was sequin soit was very sparkly.the photo at the top is a present from a friend , a photo of dave an the two youngest boys at my nieces wedding a few years ago printed in sepia on balsa wood. I love it very thoughtful.
The last photo is my Meadowland quilt, prize winning quilt, at its new home.
Today we had the first frost of winter so I'm off to play in the garden with hubby Yay.... not!

Monday, May 16, 2022


 Hi there! Carla from createinthesticks is hosting the Foodie Blog Hop this month, I was thinking of making some Bowl Cosies or Placemats, I bought some material before Christmas to use for our placemats, and then my sewing group inherited a deceased estate fabric stash and suggested that we make some things for the people affected by the recent floods in Northern New South Wales, not far from me. So the fabric was sorted into plastic boxes with rough sizes together. Now the deal was to use the fabric to make some things but not buy anything extra and the quilt shop would quilt the quilts that were made. I grabbed a pile of black and white fabric I have always wanted to make a black and white quilt, a bundle of greens and a few other bits and pieces and I decided to make a set of placemats.

I was very happy with the end result a set of six new placemats for someone that lost everything. Now I will start on the two quilts that I have cut.

Thanks for dropping by be sure to visit the other blogs on the list for today

Friday, March 18, 2022

Time in a Bottle!

 Carol from Just let me quilt is hosting the Time in a Bottle blog hop, which challenges the participants to create something with an hourglass in it. Well I was stumped but then realised I had cut some half square triangles to do whatever with, it was to play with my sizzix and the few dies that I have, I had cut red and whiteish. So it was easy to make a few hourglass blocks but tehn what to do, the blocks are large, 4 1/2 " finished. So I went to the stash and got some cute sewing fabric and made a clear front pouch.

Now I have something to store the half square blocks in , I have them to be sewn as a leader ender thing I just need to cut more colours. I love these pouches great to store projects in

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Have fun see you next time

Friday Night with Friends -July

 I never remember this but Anorina from sameliasmum blog reminded me and i had been sewing before the football so I took some pics to share....