Friday, September 24, 2021

   I would love to have the image for the blog hop but it's not happening here today

Joan @ Moose Stash Quilting is running a new blog hop Falling For You and today is my turn.

Here in Australia we are in spring but what the hey? 

I thought I would make a little table runner with blocks from Lori Holts book Quilty Fun.

So out came the book and a bag of Lori Holt fabric that I have made bits and pieces with (I still have a fair bit left) and I started cutting teeny tiny bits.

At this stage I had two choices of the center fabric, orange or blue/ So I consulted with an expert, I messaged my good friend Anorina from @sameliasmum and she agreed with the blue I did prefer the blue.

So then I quilted around the leaves with mono thread and did a few straight lines in the centre maybe one day I will do a bit of hand quilting in the centre but not today and it's finished and I'm happy

I should probably say these links won't work I need some blog lessons.

Have a great day and thenks for stopping by. 

Friday September 24


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Thursday, September 2, 2021

 I love Spring

Spring is clean to me, the weather is getting warmer, the birds are everywhere, except in the pine trees we cut down, sorry little Wrens. The garden is getting there we have mulched and potashed the roses. Mulched the fruit trees, barrowed sooooo many loads of wood mulch from the tip into the raised beds and then sifted the mulch for top soilm that's fun there's all sorts of muscles involved in that. we have 2 beds ready for planting and the third will be next week. We pegged out the next two smaller beds today and cemented the posts in. I hate using the post hole digger just saying. I'm getting good and cementing posts though.

 So we picked a lot of the Mandarins before it rained last week and I made Jam I am over making jam, in a few months I'll be whinging about tomato sauce and cucumber pickles. 

In the last few months I have read Nora Roberts, I think her shopping lists would be good, this book was great suspenseful as all her books are. I got through another two Winston Grahams books from the Poldark series I love them and I finally finished the 100 year old man who climbed out the window and disappeared. This was hilarious. I have been going to the Peel St Quilt group in Tamworth until lockdown anyway and I have joined in a couple of Zoom Meets with Chooky Blue and friends and I have been sewing my Smitten Quilt
That's a wrap I think for August

Wednesday, August 18, 2021


Another great idea for a blog hop from Carla at Creatin'in the sticks.
Now my first obvious thought was to do an orange peel quilt, I have a pattern for one they is in my one day file in my head but I couldn't find the pattern I can see it its a loose piece from either a magazine or shop brochure but I couldn't find it. So then I thought I am on a mission to finish my huge pile of WIP'S so I pulled out the Happiness Quilt circa 2014 from Monica Poole it was published in Homespun magazine as a block of the month done as a quilt as you go. I bought the material in March 2014, sewed some of the blocks in April 2017 on a weekend sewing trip and then last year I finished the rest of the blocks last year. So it is time to start quilting as I go

Monofiliment thread on top

I have a few quilts with orange waiting to be sewed together or quilted this one is Whirligig by Emma Jean Janson

This is the second block from the Happiness Quilt

I bought a new sewing machine to use at sewing days but mainly on my quilt frame that still hasn't been put together but it will this weekend. I have helped the husband build raised garden beds and a chook pen and we have chopped down trees to put in the bottom of the raised beds and I am done I am going to work tomorrow in a new to me nursing home to get a rest from building and lugging and chopping and digging and barrowing.

These are the other clever people in the blog hop go see what they have done
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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

It's A Guy Thing Blog Hop

It's A Guy Thing

When Carol from Just Let Me Quilt announced this theme I knew what I was going to make. My husband doesn't ask me to sew many things for him, well there's always a hem when he get new jeans or trousers and the more than occasional button to replace and then there's patches on work clothes oh and machine embroidering his work logo on the employees shirts, but previously the only thing that he specifically asked for was a wind sail years ago make from ripstop nylon to slow the drag of the boat in a strong current or in the wind. I made said wind sail and it worked really well until that time when husband didn't pull in the wind sail and it got chewed up by the prop but it got fixed. 

So when we were travelling quite a bit over the last year to find our new home we would pack the car with just an overnight bag for clothes but then all the other bags came along on the back seat, within my arms reach for most of them. There is the lolly bag because we all know lollies or snacks are needed on a road trip, there was the just in case bag with the toilet roll and the last minute things that get packed(the books, the phone charger etc) There was the coffee and drink bottle bag, there was the sandwich and biscuits bag, ( we tried to cut down on stops and on sweets by having savoury biscuits and sandwiches pre-made) and there was the coffee machine bag. Yes we take our coffee machine everywhere with us, we like our machines coffee and most motels have horrible instant sachets so we take our own. The problem with the coffee machine bag it was a re-useable supermarket bag and people with big hands can't slide the machine into the bag successfully that is why he asked for a new bag.

I knew what I wanted to make it's the Honeymoon suitcase from Sara Lawson's Big City Bags book. I would change a few of the bits if I made another one and I wish I had quilted the main pieces a bit. I may have complained a bit about the bulk when sewing the lining to the main bag and the piping, I love the look of piping but it can get very bulky.

I am very happy with the end result

July 26

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Monday, July 5, 2021

We Have Moved

 We are Gunnedarians if that is a word. We have been here for 4 weeks now and love it!

Mind you there is still a lot of work to be done until we are really settled, there is a chook pen to erect (I suck at using a post hole digger Meh), raised garden beds to build and fill trees to lop and fill raised garden beds. Inside there is the mammoth task of working out where all our pictures go and we need another timber bookcase for photo albums and other books of course.

My last day at work I got to take the oldies for a bus trip and we went to a favourite spot for a photo, Bald Hill. This was some of the boxes mainly from my sewing room I think.

The gorgeous girls that I worked with out for my farewell, minus young Jade who was playing the pokies, they surprised me with some beautiful flowers that lasted for 2 weeks, some bubbles and candles and some cute but teeny tiny flamingo slippers.

 Some of the many many boxes of my sewing and craft room, I think there were more that 40.
A double rainbow, we didn't get the storm but some showers later in the afternoon, view from the pub. Our wonderful fireplace, Smokey Dave has it so hot we had to move the cabinet into another room.
The view east from Porpucine lookout.
 I found these tumblers leftover from the quilt that hasn't been quilted yet, I need to set up my frame and do some, these will go into something very soon. Saturday I joined in on Chooky Blues zoom session it was great I hadn't sewn with anyone for months. I finished the smitten block in the afternoon and in the morning , way to early to be sewing, I did a few rows on my Boro Stitching panel. I am way to critical of me sewing, I see the stitches and freak out that I can see them and with the Boro some were crooked I need to get over that. It's better to be finished than perfect! 
I also sewed through the week and got the last 2 blocks from last years bee quilt done. Then I spent way to long and cut my scraps up, only the pieces that were smaller than a layer cake or strips 5" and under. They are now in 2.5" strips, skinnier strips,2.5" squares, 5" squares and the schnibbles, which is basically smaller that those pieces. I have yet to colour code them but that can be for another day.



Cheers Lianne
Don't be hard on yourself>

   I would love to have the image for the blog hop but it's not happening here today Joan @ Moose Stash Quilting is running a new blog h...